Cursive Handwriting Licenses

The students finally finished learning how to form all the uppercase and lowercase cursive letters! They took their cursive handwriting tests and received their cursive handwriting licenses. Now they are able to write in cursive when completing all class work and homework!


Dinosaur Reports


We recently finished up a unit in our Open Court reading series that focused on dinosaur fossils. Over the course of the unit, students learned different ways fossils can be formed, what fossils can tell us about life on Earth long ago, and about different types of dinosaurs that roamed the world. As we concluded our unit, each student chose a dinosaur to research and used the information from his or her research to write a report. We had a lot of fun learning about different types of dinosaurs and imagining what they would be like in real life!



Dictionary Skills

Last week, the second graders practiced their dictionary skills. We began by reviewing how a dictionary is organized and the parts of an individual dictionary entry. Students then looked up words and wrote their definitions as well as their specified parts of speech. We practiced using a traditional dictionary before moving to the Dictionary iPad app where students got to see the parts of a virtual dictionary. They were able to see how much quicker it was to use the app and they enjoyed using the pronunciation feature! This week, students are learning how to use a thesaurus to choose more descriptive words that will help them enhance their writing.

Perfect Squares

Students recently learned the perfect squares to one hundred. We used square tiles to visually represent this concept. We started with one square tile. Students then had to tell how many more tiles would need to be added to make another square. We then counted the number of square tiles across the top and down the side, as well as the number of tiles that were needed to make up the total square (example 3 x 3 = 9). As we did this, we kept track of our findings on the board. We repeated this process until we had one hundred tiles.