Living Wax Museum

We ended the school year with second grade’s annual Living Wax Museum! Each student chose a historical figure that we learned about this year, completed additional research, wrote a report, and presented the report dressed as his or her chosen figure. The students did an excellent job representing their figures not only with their costumes but also by really getting into character!



Pirates! The Musical

We wrapped up another great musical! The students had so much fun performing in this one. It was the overall favorite by far!  Thank you to all the parents for helping your children learn their lines and get prepared for the performance.

Cursive Handwriting Licenses

The students finally finished learning how to form all the uppercase and lowercase cursive letters! They took their cursive handwriting tests and received their cursive handwriting licenses. Now they are able to write in cursive when completing all class work and homework!


Dinosaur Reports


We recently finished up a unit in our Open Court reading series that focused on dinosaur fossils. Over the course of the unit, students learned different ways fossils can be formed, what fossils can tell us about life on Earth long ago, and about different types of dinosaurs that roamed the world. As we concluded our unit, each student chose a dinosaur to research and used the information from his or her research to write a report. We had a lot of fun learning about different types of dinosaurs and imagining what they would be like in real life!